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floral shoulder bag

Gorgeous handbag with fall floral and hematite studs detail. 

Only $69.00


glass bead swirl necklace

Dress up any outfit with this decadent hand crafted jewellery piece. 

Only $35.00


pixie go go

Move from your purse, to gym bag, to suitcase with our staple purse organizer insert. 

Only $35.99


nubuck essentials tote

A simple modern look with a tassel decor that makes the tote pop.  Available in various colours.

Only $75.00


beaded tassel drop earrings

A dramatic swinging tassel with crystal detail adds the ideal touch of glam.

Only $12.50


  floral & leaf print scarf

Tie one on with our fall floral & leaf print scarf.

Only $25.00


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