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Setting a budget is a looming concept that many people want to do (or at least secretly know they need too!) but often find it hard to stay motivated to get started; until now. We have a few ideas to help you jump-start your savings

4 Budgeting Ideas for Those Who Can’t Save Money!

By Alana Britten | May 24, 2019

Budgeting sucks – let’s get that out of the way right now. You’re trying to have a good time and then all of a sudden, this voice comes into your head saying “Are you sure you want to spend money on that right now?” Setting a budget is a looming concept that many people want Read More …

How Being an Entrepreneur is like Gardening

By Alana Britten | April 18, 2019

Growing a business is like planting the perfect garden. It takes time, hard work and all of those special elements (or details) need to come together consistently in order to grow. Since working for yourself is the fastest growing goal for the working class, we wanted to help! What better way to kick off spring Read More …

6 Ways to Crush It As a Business Woman

6 Ways to Crush It As a Business Woman

By Alana Britten | March 24, 2019

Being a successful business woman is hard work. You don’t have to tell us twice! We love being perfectionists. We enjoy working hard to reap the rewards. And let’s face it; we even love being liked. That’s a lot of pressure to put on one person, so how do you accomplish all of these things Read More …

Date Night on a Budget

Red-Hot Romance Date Ideas on a Budget

By Alana Britten | February 7, 2019

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been day-dreaming of the perfect way to celebrate. If you’re anything like us, you may or may not have blown your date night budget on some accessories and shoes just for the occasion. All dressed up and no where to go is a problem so we’ve put Read More …

5 Things to Try This Year

5 Things to Try this New Year

By Sharon Duguid | January 17, 2019

  In January of each year we welcome the New Year with such joy and aspiration it’s hard not to get caught up on the New Years Resolution train. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, be healthier or stop a bad habit, this is the time of year we inspire ourselves to change. With all Read More …

Exercise Motivation for Winter

Exercise Motivational Tips for Working Professionals

By Alana Britten | November 14, 2018

Working out at any time of the year can be tricky when you’re a working professional, but it can seem especially daunting to exercise when the winter weather arrives. What with it being darker early, it’s colder and our bodies naturally want to hibernate and eat chips as we binge watch Netflix. However, as much Read More …

Instagram Tips for Small Businesses

Instagram Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners

By Alana Britten | October 14, 2018

You may use Instagram in a personal way, but how do you go about using this popular, and ever-growing app to help market your own small business? We won’t lie – seeing as Instagram is newer to the app world, it can be tricky to make the transition from personal to professional. It’s also one Read More …

How to Get Your Home Autumn-Ready

By Alana Britten | September 19, 2018

Autumn leaves, crisp mornings and apple pie; autumn is a time for comfort. It’s also a time when we can enjoy those small luxuries we couldn’t indulge in during the hot summer months. It’s the season of ‘being home’ and what better way to enjoy it then with a few added touches around your place. Read More …

5 Books Every Lady Boss Needs at Their Desk!

By Alana Britten | August 20, 2018

There’s something so comforting about curling up on the couch with nothing but your book and a blanket. In a world overflowing with technology, perhaps holding a paperback in your hands and allowing your eyes a break from a screen should be the new #weekendgoals, not to mention every entrepreneur needs a shelf full of Read More …

Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

By Alana Britten | July 24, 2018

  Heat waves are no joke. Yes, we love the sun and the happiness that summer brings, but don’t forget that with prolonged heat waves comes a constant thirst for cold drinks along with those tossing and turning, sleepless nights. What does that all add up to in terms of trying to stay focused and Read More …

Apps You Need for Summer

5 Apps to Help you Make the Most of Summer

By Alana Britten | June 20, 2018

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation and memories – but when it comes to being a lady boss, it may be hard to fit all of that in, and still stay on top of your work! Lots of people nowadays will tell you to ditch the phone for a pack of cards, and we Read More …

Working from Home

How to Increase your Self-Marketing as a Lady Boss

By Alana Britten | May 16, 2018

Self-marketing is one of the key fundamentals all entrepreneurs need to master in order to turn their side hustles into bustling businesses. It may seem like a chore (and trust us, it can be when you have a million other things on your mind) but with these few simple tips, it can take you from Read More …

Date Night Do’s and Don’ts

By Sharon Duguid | April 27, 2018

When was the last time you went on a real date? We’re not talking about dinner and a cocktail, but a real, awesome, adventure filled out-of-your-comfort-zone date? …We were afraid of that! Spring is in the air, and we say what better time to try something new then now. Whether you’ve been together two months, Read More …

Healthy + Quick Spring Meal Ideas

By Alana Britten | March 27, 2018

With winter in the rear-view mirror and spring on the horizon, it’s time to kick start those healthy eating habits. That’s right – comfort food on those chilly nights spent watching Netflix are over. It’s time to get outside and get ready for all the amazing summer activities you want to squeeze in around work Read More …

It's important to establish a balance

Creating the Perfect Work vs. Play Balance

By Alana Britten | February 23, 2018

Balance is a tricky word, isn’t it? No longer just applying to a physical nature, as we grow up into adult hood it takes on an entirely different meaning. Work, social life, exercise, pets, family, cleaning, errands, life events, money, happiness, maintaining a loving relationship… it’s no wonder they say life is a balancing act. Read More …

Positively goes a long way!

3 Ways to Stick with your New Year’s Resolutions

By Alana Britten | January 17, 2018

It’s resolution time, and if there’s anything we learn with each passing New Year, its how those resolutions either stick like glue, or come mid-January we’re already creating excuses as to why they didn’t work. Statistics show that only 8% of us stick with our goals each year, which in term can have a negative Read More …

Holiday Shopping

Holiday Online Shopping Benefits

By Alana Britten | November 16, 2017

Holiday season is here, and whose ready for that holiday-related stress? We’re willing to bet no one raised their hand for this, and that is A-okay! Lucky for us, and thanks to the 21st century, the days of holiday shopping stress are long gone. In case you needed a few more reasons to shop from Read More …

Quick Fall Time Meals You’ll Love

By Alana Britten | October 17, 2017

Between work, friends and trying to stay on top of the hectic-ness life throws at you, it can be hard to add ‘eating healthy’ to the list. We know that and you know that. Fortunately, that’s why we’re here to help. These below recipes are proof that you can still eat healthily and have home-cooked Read More …

Social Media Marketing: In 10 Minutes or Less

By Alana Britten | September 15, 2017

If you’re a small business owner, the words alone “social media” spark an entirely different meaning to you now than when you were just the average-Joe. Instead of them being the fun time waster you enjoyed, its now a daunting, dreadful task that while you know it’s important you secretly hope it will go away, Read More …

Benefits of Direct Selling: Being your Own Lady Boss!

By Alana Britten | August 21, 2017

Some of us are lucky enough to be happy about punching a clock and doing the regular 9-5 job just to make a living – and for that, we applaud you. But what if it didn’t have to be that way – what if you could enjoy what you do, and still maintain a comfortable, Read More …

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