Social Media Marketing: In 10 Minutes or Less

If you’re a small business owner, the words alone “social media” spark an entirely different meaning to you now than when you were just the average-Joe. Instead of them being the fun time waster you enjoyed, its now a daunting, dreadful task that while you know it’s important you secretly hope it will go away, and quickly. That’s why we’ve created a painless, and dare we say it, easy way for you to still manage your business social media accounts, while still leaving plenty of other time in the day for what really matters: your business!


Time Management

Social media is a great way to reach customers, it’s a great way to get recognized, and best of all – it’s free. However, the real trick about being on social media as a business is that… well, you are there, as a business. Creating an account and hoping that the content will post itself is a huge mistake. A stagnant (non-active) business page is just as bad as not having one. So before you get a little ‘account happy’ we suggest sticking to ones you feel are most effective for your business. Eg. A photographer would find it more useful posting on Instagram than on Twitter – and if you’re not sure why, perhaps you should be reading a few more articles before jumping into this one! Once you get the hang of one account, and are managing it with little time needed, then you can think about adding more.


It’s important to also look at the time you have to manage your accounts first. Setting them up is the most time consuming part, however depending on your audience size and interactions with customers, what you think may be a quick post every other day on your page/feed, has now turned into half an hour of monitoring and interacting back. The best way to do this is set a timer. When you log onto your social media account, set the clock for however much time you can give; five minutes, eight minutes, twenty minutes, and make all of those minutes count by having a plan of attack.

If you’re one of those people that enjoys sitting down and working out a plan on a monthly basis, we suggest using a social media managing party, such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to help manage and schedule all of your posts in advance.


Social Media Plan of Attack

You’ve set your timer, and you’re logged into your account – now what? We suggest you do it systematically. Start with checking any notifications that have come up: if they are just likes/follows go on to the next task. If they are comments, shares, posts on your page, then we suggest you take a minute or two and click through them, responding with a like or comment as necessary – remember, a simple “Thank you, _________. We really appreciate your business!” can be all that’s needed. Secondly, look at the last few things you’ve posted. You don’t want to create a post to similar to the last few posts that appear on your wall/feed. Next, decide if you want to make an original post or share a post/article. From here you either create an image (if you have lots of time), find a picture and/or share your link and write a small post – no more than two sentences is needed. Do a quick re-read for spelling, and post.

Repeat this process for all social media accounts.

Remember: don’t overthink your posting. Most viewers will not be analyzing your post as much as you are as the business owner.


Make your Social Media Life Easier

Sometimes it helps to have a calendar you follow to come up with what to post that day. The calendar below gives some great general ideas to get you started and it also follows an important rule that most aren’t aware of: the 1 in 10 rule (this one shows the 1 in 8 rule). When you are posting on an account, one of every ten posts should be a direct throw to your business – anything more than that can be overbearing to your followers.

When you’re scrolling your own social media accounts, and you see something funny or interesting that could be worthwhile to share to your business account, save it. Gathering these things in advance as you’re scrolling can help save you time in the long run. If you have the time, schedule posts when you’re on a roll or have the ideas for content – you’ll thank yourself when those days come around and you have nothing.

In Ten Minutes (if you’re not over thinking it) You Should….

– Be able to send a tweet/retweet something

– Post or repost content on Facebook

– Post a photo on Instagram

– If you’re really good, come up with an idea for something else to tackle this month; such as a newsletter, blog post or video…