5 Apps to Help you Make the Most of Summer

Apps You Need for SummerSummer is a time for fun, relaxation and memories – but when it comes to being a lady boss, it may be hard to fit all of that in, and still stay on top of your work! Lots of people nowadays will tell you to ditch the phone for a pack of cards, and we do agree it can be a great way to unwind, but not before you download these handy apps first. These apps can not only help you stay on top of your work, but they will act as your personal assistant so you can have a fun summer season– and that’s something we can all appreciate, even if it means you still bring your phone along for the ride!


Get lost in the stars with…

Sky Guide

How many times have you been staring at the sky and wondered if that bright light was Jupiter, Mars or a UFO? Well, thanks to this app, you won’t have to wonder again – well, except for maybe the UFO part. Open your app and point it at the sky (it accesses your camera) and be amazed at what you can learn from the stars, constellations and planets above you. A great way to keep kids (and adults!) entertained outdoors on a clear night around the bonfire!


Stay organized with…


I know we joked earlier about these apps acting like your very own ‘personal assistant’ but this app is no joke. It is the ultimate task handler that can conquer everything you need organizational help with in your business or personal life. Sync it to your calendar, create to-do lists, organize your personal accounts or notes all in one place. You can even list your day to day errands and auto-mark them off as they get completed – no need to bring your notepad to the beach anymore. It can help you receive bills, send event reminders and even help you pay your own expenses or ensure you leave on time according to the recent traffic so you don’t arrive late at that important business meeting!


Be the ultimate road trip buddy with…


This app will amaze even those who are technology gurus. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway, or a long adventure this app lets you plan your route (by typing in a start and end location, including dates) and then not only maps out the driving route for you, but will help you find cool things along the way. It picks up on things as simple as gas, viewpoints, local eateries and hotels to things a little quirkier such as nightlife, ATM’s and unique points of interest. You can even share the route with your friends, and edit on the go depending on what you’re looking for that day!


Host the most epic party on the fly with…


Impromptu parties are just one of the amazing perks of those warm summer months– but what if everyone comes over and eekk… you didn’t have time to get to the liquor store? If you’re not a professional bartender, this could be quite the deal breaker – but not anymore! Thanks to this app you’ll not only be able to mix up delicious cocktails from their extensive list, but you can type in what you have available too you and it will come up with a drink you can make with the ingredients in your fridge– handy eh? Now you can be the party saviour and the life of the party all in one!


Crank up everyone’s favourite music on the go with…


Never get caught without a killer playlist again! This app allows you to chose from hundreds of thousands of current and old-school playlists that others have created, or it allows you to make your own. It’s easy to navigate and free to use. Get the paid version if you get easily annoyed with ads, or want to download certain playlists to your phone (which is especially handy if you’re going somewhere off the grid and don’t have WIFI or cellular data available!)