5 Things to Try this New Year


5 Things to Try This Year

In January of each year we welcome the New Year with such joy and aspiration it’s hard not to get caught up on the New Years Resolution train. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, be healthier or stop a bad habit, this is the time of year we inspire ourselves to change. With all that pressure, can sadly come disappointment. It’s only a matter of time before you get too busy and fall back into some form of old habits – but we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of trying to change every single thing you dislike, why not use this time of year to try things you’ve always wanted to try! Positive thinking is just the start, and in case you need a little inspiration to get you started, we’ve got a list of things you should try for 2019.


Join the #MeatlessMonday Movement

This concept is definitely nothing new. Unless you’ve been living under a pile of clothes in your closet, you’ve heard of the Meatless Monday trend where for one day of the week, you go vegetarian. It’s not a hard one to follow, and whether you’re trying to eat healthier or gain more recipes for your repertoire, this concept can cover it all. It’s a great excuse to try new things for dinner, swap up your packed lunches at the office or even buy those exotic vegetables you’ve always wondered about.


A Change in Your Appearance

Okay, we’ll say it. We can’t be the only ones who want to test the waters with a new appearance change in the New Year, can we? Seeing as it’s a new time of year, its not outlandish to think this is a good time to try wearing red lipstick everyday, or add some bangs into your hair style. Or maybe you’ve been toying with cutting off your hair altogether and going short, or perhaps you’d like to wear a dress every day for a month. These changes, while they can seem out of your typical character, are not hard to do. Bite the bullet and give it a go, what’s the worse that can happen? If you’re a little timid to the idea, why not coax a friend to join you so you that if you’re going to feel out of your element, you can at least be doing it together!


Get a Side Hustle for Extra Income

While this is also not a new concept, we think its something that’s worth mentioning. Having a side hustle to earn extra income is just a thing of the 21st century. It’s a great way to help you pay off debt, or save for something major and it’s also a way to meet new people and test the waters in a career path you may be toying with. We don’t want to brag, but being your own boss is also something we think is a huge bonus. We’re not saying you should quit your job and join the circus, but side hustles are certainly a way of obtaining a little more happiness in your work-life, all while reaping in the benefits.

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Try a TeaTox

This one is for all those ladies who are looking to kick-start the New Year with a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to shed that holiday sweater cushion or you have an upcoming beach vacation, this is one thing you can add into your life that doesn’t involve a vegetable or a gym. There are several out there on the market, so do some research to find out which one best suits you. We also think it’s worth mentioning that doing a TeaTox over a regular detox can help you kick another habit you may be wanting to break: drinking too much coffee!


Change Up the Décor in your Living Space

Although we’re still a few months away from Spring-cleaning, this is the perfect time of year to change up your living space. Not only is it time to find a permanent living space for all your new Christmas presents, but it also makes for a great excuse to tidy up the clutter in your life. If you’ve had the same throw pillows since college, it’s TIME. Have you been toying with finally investing in some good furniture or artwork, go for it! The New Year is all about changing your perspective and what better way than to spruce up the space you reside in to encourage a little inspiration.