5 Ways To Have the Best Summer (while still keeping your day job!)

Summer - 5 Ways to Make the Most of Summer

Summer is here – and it’s time to answer that overly asked, “How are you going to spend your summer?” question.
Whether you’re a preschooler or a big-time businesswoman, there should always be a fun answer that follows it! Sure, your answer may have changed over the years as you grew up but that shouldn’t make this season any less enjoyable. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the emails, spread sheets and 9-5 adult life, but this is your reminder to make a little room for fun this season. Just like the good old days! That’s why we’ve come up with five simple ways to help you have the best summer (while still keeping your day job!)


Eat + Drink Seasonally


We think eating and drinking with the season is just as important as fun itself when it comes to enjoying the summer. After all, it is patio weather and that goes hand in hand with enjoying a cocktail, cider, wine… you get the idea. It’s also means delicious BBQ’s, salads, ice cream and smoothies. We know, its all very tempting stuff. So if you’re concerned with following your strict diet plan, why not implement set days that allow yourself to indulge. Seeing as it’s the best time of the year to enjoy certain homegrown vegetables or freshly picked berries, why not break out of your routine and hit up the local markets for a change. Or better yet, go to a farm, get a little dirty and pick them yourself! We need food to sustain ourselves, so why not enjoy what you’re eating too.


Relive Your Childhood Days


Remember the days when you used to float in the pool for hours? Or ride your bike around with your friends? It’s time to relive those! Try renting a cruiser bike with some friends and hit up the markets, pubs or shops along the way. Hop on a swing for old times sake. Buy an adult-sized inflatable pool toy and lounge at the lake; pack a picnic while you’re at it (bonus, you’re old enough now to bring some libations along!) If your childhood memories were playing outside, why not join a summer sports league for fun or volunteer to make new friends. Adding a little nostalgia into your life will always bring back the youthful freedom and fun you used to have – enjoy it!


Plan A Getaway


If you think back to when you were a kid, what was it you looked forward too when it came to summer vacations? Was it a summer camp, a road trip, a family vacation? Whatever it was, you just couldn’t WAIT till it arrived. That feeling, that excitement – that’s what summers lack for adults; something to look forward too! Book yourself a campervan and go on a road trip. Go to a weekend music festival with friends. Rent a cottage for a week. Do something that makes you want to count down the days till it arrives –we all need some anticipation after all!


Make a Summertime Playlist


This one isn’t a huge tick off the old list, but we’re certain it will bring you back. Music has that funny way of helping us relive certain periods in our lives, for the better or worse. In this instance though, we want you to create a playlist that will inspire you to have a good time this summer. Whether it’s just some music to get you to and from work, inspire your morning jog or to blast at the campfire – tunes are a great way to help calm, excite or unwind the soul. There’s something to be said for singing along loudly, too.


Laugh Often


We’re sure this is not what you expected to make the list, but it’s something we all need a little reminder about. As kids, we were so quick to move seamlessly through life and just get to the ‘good things’. These days however, we’re spending too much time on our phones or stressing over the small stuff that we forget to do the simplest of tasks: let loose and live a little. Make time this summer to do something that makes you truly happy, and not something you think should make you happy based on a specific social media influencer you follow. If it’s colouring instead of reading a Best New Seller, then go for it. If it’s skipping the big pool party to have a quiet dinner with your loved ones, then don’t feel guilty about it. If you just want to buy some bubble gum and blow bubbles – we’re pretty sure DoubleBubble is still a thing! Make it a summer to remember by doing what you love. Just smile, stress less and laugh often and do YOU; the mental health benefits you get from doing this are something you can enjoy all year long.