7 New Year’s Resolutions for Every 2017 Lady Boss

She Anna Bella

You have a few days to jot down some goals for the new year–quick! Need some inspo? An ambition refresh? We gathered 7 fabulous New Year’s resolutions you can claim as your own. 2017 is going to be a good year, Lady Bosses.


1. More self love, less Netflix

It literally pays to invest in yourself. In the new year, work towards using down time more productively. Don’t know where to start? A blog is a perfect place to document your passion. Style? Lifestyle? Tell your own story and before you know it, bigger opportunities will follow!


2. Up your Instagram game

Professional and personal networking has taken on a whole new form through social media. Learn a few simple tactics to tell your story better:

  • Use better lighting. Natural light does wonders.
  • Post during prime time. 8AM and 5PM are when most people have time to browse.
  • Use hashtags. Take a look at which ones likeminded pages are using and snag a few.

3. Support local businesses and Lady Bosses

It’s easy to grab a bag or accessory from the mall. But who’s pocket are you throwing your money into? Buying your goods and services from your community, and fabulous accessories from like-minded Canadian women ensures you’re supporting the right people; entrepreneurs–and their families.


4. Start an inspiration board

It’s easy to keep track of all that inspires you when you have a pinboard to keep it all together. Better yet, an online pinboard. Use Pinterest to keep your style inspo, home decor inspo, and business tips in one place. 


5. Update your wardrobe to 2017

It’s more fun (and less money) to update your look with a few affordable accessories, rather than a whole new wardrobe. Invest in a few pieces this season that will bring you into the new year in style. Dainty choker, anyone?


6. Celebrate your success

Sometimes it’s tough to find the time to actually celebrate your successes. In the new year, plan a party for the women who inspire you. Laugh, swap life and career tips, and channel the passion of glorious female forces. 


7. Expand your network of Lady Bosses

It can be tough to tackle your New Year’s resolutions solo. Sometimes you need a little help, and a push to get to where you want to be personally and professionally. When you join a network of inspiring women, anything is possible.