Holiday Online Shopping Benefits

Holiday Shopping

Holiday season is here, and whose ready for that holiday-related stress? We’re willing to bet no one raised their hand for this, and that is A-okay! Lucky for us, and thanks to the 21st century, the days of holiday shopping stress are long gone. In case you needed a few more reasons to shop from home, here are a few that are sure to bring the excitement back to your holiday gift giving!


Perks of Shopping Online


Skip the Lines

Possibly one of the best benefits to online shopping is that you don’t have to wait in the horrendous lines to pay for your items. You no longer have to worry about holding your purse, your items and your coat, because we all know how they crank the heat during the Christmas season, and being pushed by strangers just to get to the till. It’s like music to our ears!


Shop from Anywhere

Besides being able to shop from home in your pajamas, you no longer need to set aside time to get to the mall. All you need is a laptop, iPad or phone. Not to mention, when you shop online a store is always open!


Desktop to your Doorstep

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now have those items in your shopping card hand delivered to your doorstep. Most of the time this is even free, and even traceable. Now you can know exactly when to expect your items and plan the most important part of the holidays; your own personal gift-wrapping session, complete with a glass of wine and some festive movies!


Save Money by Shopping Online


Sign up for Company Newsletters

Most companies will offer a discount code or special deal to those who sign up for their newsletter. Another email every so often to help you save some money (or provide great gift ideas!) is never a bad thing, are we right? While you’re at it, follow their social media accounts to provide the same non-bank-breaking effects. Sign up for She Anna Bella’s Newsletter (bottom of the page)


Take Advantage of Deals

Black Friday and Boxing Day deals are no longer just for stores…hello, Cyber Monday! Keep an eye on your favourite stores to get the best deals that allow you to buy even more gifts, or better yet – a gift for yourself!


Shop (and buy) More!

While this sounds like a strange way to save money, by adding one extra item to your cart so you can meet the ‘Free Shipping’ limit is always a win-win. You get another gift to give, and you don’t have to pay for the convenient to-your-door-shipping!


Bonus Perks for the Shopper: If you’re a massive online shopper, you should be taking advantage of credit card company perks; points, miles, flights etc. While using your debit via PayPal is great, if you are smart and savvy about your money, use a credit card to reap some benefits (like cash back, for more shopping dollars in the future!) and pay it off with your debit right away – everyone wins!