Creating the Perfect Work vs. Play Balance

Balance is a tricky word, isn’t it? No longer just applying to a physical nature, as we grow up into adult hood it takes on an entirely different meaning. Work, social life, exercise, pets, family, cleaning, errands, life events, money, happiness, maintaining a loving relationship… it’s no wonder they say life is a balancing act. It’s finding what works best for you and your lifestyle that will help you not only maintain that act but achieve overall happiness from within it. We’ve got a few things to keep in mind when it comes to making use of your time and finding a happy medium between work and play!


Be Real(istic)

It’s easy to get caught up in the online social world we live in, with pictures constantly being posted providing a brief snapshot of everyone’s happy life. Besides feeling like everyone else’s life is more ‘put together’ than yours, it’s not hard to get caught up thinking you need to portray that perfection in your life as well. At times being a perfectionist may have come naturally to you, but don’t forget times were most likely simpler then. It’s okay to pay attention to the finer details, but don’t go crazy trying to reach an unrealistic level all the time. Not reaching it will make you more stressed and unhappy in the long run – besides, we’re all human after all.


Disconnect from Technology

Remember those days when you only worked at work? Yeah, us either! It seems like it’s been decades since those times – and in fact, it more than likely has! While there is no doubt that technology has made our jobs and communication easier, it has also made us attached to our devices and less likely to be fully present in our home life. Between emails, websites, conference calls and social media we are constantly connected to the ever-changing world, and for most of us who work from home or run a business, that sadly means we’re always working. To fully engage and enjoy all aspects of your work and play life, it’s important to establish an ‘unplugging’ schedule. Set up hours for yourself, and hide your devices when its quitting time. It will help you utilize the time you have in both areas more efficiently.


Consistent Exercise

Don’t groan – we know it’s one of those things that can be hard to stick to even when your life isn’t as busy as it is, but it’s important. Strangely enough even when we’re busy at work or at home we still manage to find time to fit in the essentials; eating, resting, coffee. If we make exercise an essential it will not only come more naturally, but you’ll notice a few other changes as well. The feel-good endorphins we gain from it will help to alleviate stress on the body, and improve focus and overall mood. We’re not saying you need to fit in a 10-km run every day, but even half an hour every other day will make a difference – and hey, make it a social thing so you can nail two birds with one stone!


Self Care – It’s Important

This one is a big one, and thanks to the increased levels of stress and larger work loads that we’ve made the new norm, we’re noticing it is also becoming a popular subject. Self care includes really focusing on what’s important in life. Don’t be afraid to prioritize your needs above others, and ensure that quality time is given to items that need it most in your life. It’s also important to remember that these are ever-changing. What could have worked out last week, may not this week.
Lately the saying, “Don’t be afraid to be selfish” has been surfacing, and this is very true in a get-to-the-point kind of way. Don’t spread yourself too thin, and make sure that your self happiness is also being looked after. Learn that saying no is okay, and absolutely necessary sometimes. Prioritizing what’s important in terms of work vs. play can be a useful method to help you make the best decisions.