Healthy + Quick Spring Meal Ideas

With winter in the rear-view mirror and spring on the horizon, it’s time to kick start those healthy eating habits. That’s right – comfort food on those chilly nights spent watching Netflix are over. It’s time to get outside and get ready for all the amazing summer activities you want to squeeze in around work and weekends! When you’re a lady boss and have a million and one things on the go, we know it can be tough to think green when it comes to meals. That’s why we wanted to show you a few quick, simple meals that will make you feel great without you having to worry about the age-old question, “what should I have to eat?”


Creamy Chicken Salad Pitas

Roasted whole chickens are a great, easy meal to prepare for dinner, but they can also provide endless lunch opportunities the following day. Making these delicious poppy seed chicken pitas are the perfect way to give yourself some protein during a busy work day. In fact, we’re almost positive you could handle one and still get some work done while you eat. The sweetness from the apricots (which could also be swapped out for dried cranberries or goji berries) and the crunch from the celery make it a well-balanced meal for those with a sweet and savory tooth.

For the full recipe, see The Food Network


Healthy Spring Vegetable Frittata

The best thing about frittatas; they’re socially acceptable to be eaten at any time of day! Looking for a fast and easy breakfast to kick start your busy work day – this is the perfect protein and vegetable serving balance bang for your buck. Need a lunch that can be heated quickly and paired with a side soup or salad, look no further. Running out the door to a business meeting or fitness class, but don’t have time to cook? Frittata to the rescue! They are quick and easy to make and are a great way to use up some odds and ends in your fridge. By keeping one on hand at all times, you’ll wonder just how you lived without them!

For the full recipe, see Real Simple


Rice Noodle Salad with Grilled Prawns

Make this dish for dinner and eat as left overs the next day – or eat it for lunch for a week! Either way, this dish screams spring freshness with its crunchy vegetables and savory prawns. Add a little heat to the dish by adding more sriracha or bring up the sweetness with some sweet chili sauce. Don’t forget to add in the fresh herbs after it’s been cooked (or heated up) to ensure you get the full flavour. Not a fan of asparagus? Swap out the vegetables listed with your favourite and make a meal that’s catered to your own taste buds.

For the full recipe, see The Food Network