Beautiful Home Decor Trends for 2020

Home decor trends

Home décor is constantly changing. Much like fashion, trends come and go and while it may be hard to keep up, the good news is you don’t always have to do a full ‘demo-day’ to bring your living space in the current era. Although if you’re anything like us, watching home décor shows is a way of life and demo day does look like a great way to relieve stress. Instead, we thought we would bring you the upcoming trends that are predicted to continue into next year. Some could be done in a crafty-inspired day, while others may take a little planning.


Here are some home décor trends you should get on board with:


Coastal Colours

Who doesn’t love being on the coast? The sun on your face, sand on your feet, salt-spray, fresh air and nature in its true glory. It’s only natural (pun intended) that we’d want to incorporate it into our living spaces. That’s why softer colours that fall just outside the neutral pallet are very popular right now. Sea greens and blues, corals, greys, even darker more chalky tones in this range for statement – there are many ways to bring the feel of the coast inside, and wall colour is a great place to start.


Vertical Greens

It’s no surprise – plants are HOT right now. We may even say its border line addiction for some people. Nevertheless, it ties in with the overall theme of feeling more connected with nature. However, the trend is not just having plants crowding your floor space and windowsills, it’s getting them to play in with another decorating aspect; height. Instead of placing herbs on your countertop, why not build a wall for them and present them nicely. Try hanging plants from the ceiling or mounting them to the wall. Get creative – and totally use this as an excuse to buy more plants (we are!)


Textured Walls

Remember the days of terrible printed wallpaper? It’s back! But in a much more appropriate way, and use. Instead of using the 90’s way, why not use a textured paper with a bold pattern to bring life to one feature wall; not the whole room. The idea of using wood (think pallets, teak or barn board) to bring a wall to life is also a great way to add character.


Artistic/Geometric Lighting

Lighting is necessary in any space, but instead of just having it for the sake of living why not use it as a design element? Over-sized floor lamps (if you have the space) or geometric chandeliers to make a nice statement over your bar or dining table. Even something as simple as a desk lamp or hanging wall fixtures can turn an ordinary room into a modern one.


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Graphic Tiles

No longer do we just have the choice of simple, mundane style tiles to choose from. We’ve got big, small, geometric, wood-like choices that are all asking us to make a bold statement in our homes. Kitchen backsplashes, floors, showers, bathrooms, laundry rooms – there is no shortage of creative ways to bring a fun, long-lasting design element to your home. Just be careful not to go too eccentric so it goes out of style as quickly as it came in. Tone down your tiles by pairing it with classic or neutral colours, wood or concrete.


Focal Point Kitchen Islands

This can go either way in terms of time commitment. Whether it’s a total redo or the simple act of going shopping to update a few things – it can really change the look and functionality of your kitchen. Off-set the colour of your island from the rest of the kitchen or paint it the same colour just one or two shades darker/lighter. Update your chairs/stools to make it more modern. Add in some unique lighting to make it a cozy place to sit and enjoy a coffee. Change the counter tops and go with something more modern, like concrete, butcher block or a waterfall granite top. The fun part is researching what is achievable, so get too it!


For more ideas, we love watching what HGTV comes up with!