How to Get Your Home Autumn-Ready

Get Ready for Autumn

Autumn leaves, crisp mornings and apple pie; autumn is a time for comfort. It’s also a time when we can enjoy those small luxuries we couldn’t indulge in during the hot summer months. It’s the season of ‘being home’ and what better way to enjoy it then with a few added touches around your place. These small things will ensure you’re prepared for all-things-fall whether it’s just you enjoying a night in, or sharing your space with friends or family.


In the Kitchen

We already mentioned the apple pie, right? Thankfully because they’re in season, we don’t have to enjoy them just as dessert. Use some apples to make a traditional centerpiece for your table or better yet, enjoy them in a homemade cider. Pumpkins, and squashes are also in season; so instead of filling up on pasta, why not try using spaghetti squash instead. If guests are coming over, why not toss on a pot of mulled wine to not only drink, but to fill your place with the comforting scents of autumn all in one go. Due to the cooler temperatures of the season, we suggest also stocking up your tea cupboard, and if you feel like splurging, having some items to create your very own homemade pumpkin spice latte would be an unexpected crowd pleaser to your guests.


In the Living Room

In the living room it’s all about comfort. Think back to those rainy days when you had a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, slippers or fluffy socks… now recreate that moment in your living room. Lay out some blankets that are easy to grab when you decide to curl up on the couch with a book or stay in and binge watch your favourite show. Have movies or shows picked at the ready so you can jump right in, or get some books for your coffee table that are easy to grab as the rain settles in. Set the mood with some softer string lights, or lamps rather than a harsh ceiling glare. Purchase some seasonal incents or a couple candles that can fill the air with a pleasant aroma.


In the Closet

Autumn fashion is one of our favourites because, you guessed it; the stylish comfort. Darker denim, leggings, bolder prints or subtle warmer colours, ankle boots or chunkier heels – it just works, and seems so effortless. Structured jackets with scarves and bigger bags make for an easy outfit to enjoy a walk with the fall colours. When you’re at home, think of those socks and cozy slippers we just mentioned or oversized knit sweaters that can easily double as a heater. The darker tones for makeup and lipsticks as a refreshing change from the bright colours of summer, and compliment the seasonal backdrop. Another item that’s never a bad idea to have in the closet is rain boots and umbrellas – not only are they a great tool for staying dry in the transitioning months, but they can make for a cute photo prop.