How to Increase your Self-Marketing as a Lady Boss

Working from Home

Self-marketing is one of the key fundamentals all entrepreneurs need to master in order to turn their side hustles into bustling businesses. It may seem like a chore (and trust us, it can be when you have a million other things on your mind) but with these few simple tips, it can take you from being nobody, to getting seen by everybody! The key to all side hustles or entrepreneurs is balance – so think of self-marketing as the cherry on top of your Lady Boss dream sundae, simple yet key.


Seek Help Online

What’s so great about being an entrepreneur right now? You’re not alone! There are plenty of free tools out there that can provide easy step-by-step tutorials on how to best promote you and your brand. You’d be silly not to check out places like HubSpot for their free articles or seminars that focus on all sorts of businesses. Just like all things, make sure you give yourself an allotted amount of time look into these as there is a sea-full of information out there and it can be easily overwhelming.

If online isn’t your strong suit, try hiring a freelancer to assist! This can be a cost-effective way to hone in on specific parts of your business you need help on, and can allow some creative influx into your business strategy.


Schedule Social Media Posts

It’s all about balance (we’ve said that before, right?). Dedicating a set amount of time to social media posts and engagements is mandatory, but spending an hour every day is a time waster. Use tools like HootSuite or Buffer to help you stay on track with your social media audience by following the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. For more details about social media marketing read our previous blog post.


Don’t be Afraid

Self-marketing takes a certain type of confidence, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It’s all about trial and error; so don’t be afraid to also fail when it comes to self-promotion online, as scary as it seems. The best responses are showing your audience that you’re human too (and not just a corporate company trying to get your hands on their money!) If you can connect with your audience this way, they’ll be more willing to support you.
Besides online, a great way to get yourself out there is by networking. Join your local business chamber, or go to events that have like-minded people.


Set a Budget (and stick to it!)

With paid boosting options, SEO campaigns, as well as monthly paid social hosting platforms, it can be easy to forget the amount of money that’s coming out of your piggy bank, let alone know it exactly where it’s going. Give yourself a set daily, weekly or monthly budget you have to dedicate to self-marketing. Whether that’s $3 a day or $10 a week, a little consistency and staying in front of your audience can be a daily reminder for them to choose you over the competitor.