How to profit from your online presence, like a boss.

She Anna Bella Boss


Social selling and a world of online business with She Anna Bella.


Many women use their Instagram account to share moments of their children, their friends–or their cat. What if there was a way to do more with your story? What if there was a clever way to utilize that story to sell products that you believe in and network with like-minded women? She Anna has created a simple way to do so.


Direct-Selling, Revamped: She Anna Bella has modernized the classic model of direct selling wherein reps trudged door to door, asking their neighbours for business. Through the use of social media platforms, reps are now able to sell to a world of customers–literally. This increases profit opportunities, exponentially. 


Empowering Through Education: She Anna Bella’s mission is to equip all reps with the necessary support and education in business and marketing to succeed in their business endeavors with She Anna Bella, and beyond. Regular newsletters, blog posts, and social media content, in addition to personal support, function simultaneously to ensure that that each and every rep is completely equipped to run her business effectively, profitably. 


Simplicity & Support: Anyone can become a She Anna Bella online rep—for free. With no buy-in fee, physical inventory, or overhead, all that is required to join our team is tinge of ambition and an interest in business. Our methods are simple: we provide the support that aspiring reps need to run a business through their online social platforms within an inspiring community of like-minded Lady Bosses. Within this community, there is no such thing as failure.


This all sounds smart, simple even. But what does it all look like in real life—in your life? 


Meet Sheila:

Sheila is a mom to two little girls and hasn’t worked full-time in ten years. Through her Instagram, Sheila proudly posts photos of her backyard Dahlias, her three young children, and her and her husband’s outdoor adventures. After hearing about She Anna Bella from a friend, Sheila joined the company, curious to learn more about marketing and how to use her social media platforms to tell one beautiful story that other women could relate to. As her social media followers multiplied, Sheila was given a promotional code for She Anna Bella accessories to use in her feed which, when used by her many followers, would gain her commission. Today, Sheila invests this commission in her daughter’s education fund. And a girls weekend getaway.


Let She Anna Bella help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Who knows where they could take you?