Back to Basics: Pinterest Marketing 101

She Anna Bella PinterestWe all know what it’s like to lose hours of our lives to the wonders of Pinterest. I deserve a new handbag, after I bake that chicken Tetrazzini cauliflower casserole. On cozy Sunday afternoons, this isn’t a bad way to pass the time, but what about when you want to utilize this fabulous platform …for marketing?


Pinterest is an online platform anyone can easily get lost deep, deep within. Here are the basics of optimizing your page for marketing, so that you can actually make money on your cozy Sundays.


Fill in the “About You” section: What is your brand all about? What is the service that you provide? Add a tidbit about yourself, your values–what you live for. Social media is about getting to know one another. Lastly, don’t forget to include a personal picture of your beautiful face!


Include the important stuff “above the fold”: Other Pinterest users will be most inclined to check out the boards they see first on your page, without scrolling. Be sure that these first 8 boards are filled out. These eight boards should contain the products you’re marketing, in various contexts, as well as boards that interest your target market. Do your research on the nature of Pins your target market is Pinning.


Fill your boards out with enough Pins: The same thing goes for your pins. At least 8 pins per board will ensure that there are no bare spots when Pinterest users are looking at your boards at a glance.


Include effective Pin and board descriptions: In the descriptions of your individual boards and Pins, include as many descriptive key words as you can. Stumped? Think, “What would I type in to search for said product?”


Talk your Pinterest page up: Mention your Pinterest page through your other social media accounts or through casual conversation with friends–or when networking with clients. A great way to post about your Pinterest page is to take a screenshot of your page and include that photo in a post for Instagram or Twitter.


Post at optimum times: The best times to Pin are between 7 PM and midnight. Additionally, Sundays are great for Pinning as this is naturally when we’re all binge Pinning our Sundays away.


#LadyBoss Tip: On Pinterest, re-Pins are more important than followers. Unlike other social media platforms, the main interaction you will have with other users on Pinterest is through the action of re-Pinning. Don’t worry too much if you only have a handful of followers to start!


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