Be Your Own Lady Boss (BYOLB)

She Anna Bella Lady BossSix years ago, two friends founded She Anna Bella as a fun way to earn extra income while living a busy life. This passion project, turned full-time business, provided women across Canada the opportunity to accessorize fashionably and the career independence to support their families.

Today, She Anna Bella is busy sharing their love for style, in addition to the most coveted marketing and business tools, with our team of reps to serve them throughout a lifetime of business opportunities. It was this dedication to community and entrepreneurship that sprung forth the motto BYOLB.


BYOLB (Be Your Own Lady Boss)

Before determining who a Lady Boss is, it’s important to understand that Lady Boss is a lifestyle. This lifestyle encapsulates women whom we work with, work for, and the determined women reading this now. Women who work smart and with good will lead the Lady Boss lifestyle–the women who possess the fire to build an empire, but the poise to balance that will with other passions.

What, specifically, does BYOLB look like in action?


Creating & innovating: Being your own Lady Boss means using creative skills to take risks and innovate fearlessly. Being creative in business means infusing work with imagination, even the most mundane of tasks.


Staying curious, always: A big part of the Lady Boss lifestyle is a love for learning. This means asking questions, learning new business skills, and staying in the loop about exciting industry trends. There is always more to learn!


Contributing to a community: In the Lady Boss community, members share knowledge and celebrate each other’s success. Moreover, they actively overlap their skill sets to ensure that every woman has every opportunity and tool to succeed.


She Anna Bella supports women by equipping them with the necessary skills to take advantage of every business opportunity that they may encounter. At the core of it all, She Anna Bella aims to support women in the pursuit their dreams.