Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Every Canadian Girl (4)

Us Canadian girls are tricky to buy for. The many seasons channel our love for sophisticated style & spontaneous adventure. What do you get the girl who (does) everything? Here are 10 perfect gifts for any and every Canadian girl in your life.



She Anna Bella Camera BagThe Cute Camera Bag: A passion for wanderlust is in our genes, even as we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Because of this, a cute camera bag is an essential accessory for Canadian girls and their travels.





Pearl Bar Layered Necklace The Layered Bar Necklace: Canadian girls know how to layer. Especially when it comes to trending accessories. The Faux Pearl Bar Pendant Necklace impresses with three trending necklaces, in one.





She Anna Bella Infinity Scarf Infinity Scarves: Once this cozy style scarf came into our lives, we grabbed ahold (and haven’t let go yet). One for every Canadian girls’ winter outfit is a must.






Vintage Necklace She Anna Bella Vintage Sparkle: Vintage style & sparkle go together perfectly. A touch of old fashioned collarbone sparkle accessorizes any Canadian girl’s holiday party attire, perfectly. 



She Anna Bella Purse OrganizerThe Ultimate Purse Organizer: Because we believe in matching our accessories to our outfits–which we have many of for every season, purse switches are a regular chore! The right purse organizer makes switching from one purse to the next totally seamless.



Pearl Choker She Anna Bella Pearls: A classic look–made modern. Every Canadian girl needs her pearls, but not at the expense of her trendy style. This pearl wrap choker necklace updates a classic piece, beautifully. 



2-in-1 BagThe Practical (& Pretty) Purse: A roomy tote that converts into a cross body for a night out is probably one of the best inventions yet. We’re practical and spontaneously glamorous; we need a bag that does both. 




Moto Bag She Anna Bella The Moto Bag: The Geometric Convertible Bag expresses the subtle edge in every Canadian girl’s style through sleek hardware and tassel trimmed zippers. Plus, the many compartments in this bag make it oh-so convenient for everyday use! 



Statement Necklace She Anna Bella Statement Necklace: We know how to enter (and leave) a room in awe. Sometimes we do get a little help from our fabulous accessories. A statement as strong as the Flower Necklace with Crystals is sure to channel a Canadian girl’s glam.  


Rose Gold Beaded Chain Bracelet A Touch of Rosé: Because who doesn’t love a touch of rose gold on their wrist!